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mySuite is a web-based solution using Cloud Computing. It has been elaborated with a variety of resources that let you streamline your business’s internal and external communications, organize intellectual capital, standardize tasks, and improve internal processes in an innovative way.

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Complete Solution

Accessible through the Internet, it is easy to implement at a fair cost. With mySuite, you will also get hosting, data replication, backups, updates and much more.

Fully Integrated

Helping improve your organizational performance and raising productivity, mySuite provides a considerable increase in quality for all of your company's communications processes.

Message System

The mySuite Message system lets you reach all co-workers, clients and customers, even those who are not online, when you sent them messages, files or both.

The idea is to have a tool that speeds up communication, making your message, files and documents available to anyone authorized as soon as he or she logs on to mySuite.

Messages can be sent publicly or privately, and can be reviewed any time.

Make sure messages reach their destination

Improve internal communications
Inform co-workers in a given department about changes in procedures
Use public messages for praise, or send private messages
Send messages to all co-workers to create a Bulletin Board

Make a complete system of direct messages available with exclusive addressing and file attachments..

Telephone Support

mySuite has a complete system for registering Telephone Support actions. It records the time and date of those actions, as well as a description of the reason for the call and the solution in a data base that can be accessed at any time, thus tracking the entire history of all contacts.

It can also keep the record linked to other actions, such as opening a Help Desk Ticket or any Internal Request, among others.

Provide Total Quality in Customer Support

Register telephone calls received and made
Compute how much time is spent on telephone support for all operators
Follow up on pending questions that have been asked via telephone support
Provide reports for all telephone support given per customer

Control telephone traffic, computing time spent and solutions carried out during support actions.

Online Support

Understanding your customer's need for effective communication channels is absolutely necessary for any undertaking’s success.

Online Support guarantees quality, speed, and performance while offering support to your customers, partners, and suppliers. The relationship with with your business is carried out in real time, allowing you to accompany both negotiations and post-sales follow-up.

Using this tool, business deals are closed in a clearer and more objective way, increasing both the sensation of security when buying and customer satisfaction. Our chat system can be your central contact point for receiving customer requests, suggestions and complaints.

Provide Total Quality in Customer Support

Managerial reports with a variety of statistics, evaluations of quality, control of Average Resolution Time (ART), peaks in support, among others
Pre-defined messages to facilitate contact and avoid wasting time by having to type the same phrases every time a new customer contacts you
Control your response wait time
Storage of all dialogues so you can research even anonymous chats
Wait queue based on available support operators per groups of support personnel
You can distribute information about the standardization of processes and procedures adopted by your company
Scalability: use a tool designed to support your business’s growth
The possibility of transfering support requests between operators

With mySuite’s Online Support, your business will provide your customers and website visitors quick, comfortable, and high quality support.


Communications is carried out using RTMP (Real Time Message Protocol) There is no need to "refresh the page" to see if you have new messages.

Your Operations will flow much more quickly and efficiently than in traditional chats.

Personalized Support

All histories of prior conversations are stored in our data banks so you can search for the appropriate support actions and user, whether in a chat or using the Help Desk. This makes contact with your business quicker and more personal.


We have developed our system to increase security levels during dialogues, reducing the possibility of infections from viruses, worms and other threats.

We have a variety of physical and electronic security procedures to protect data from loss and unauthorized access. Furthermore, message traffic uses sockets.

Professional Communications

Using software appropriate for communications with customers rather than popular communicators demonstrates your business’s seriousness and professionalism.

It also avoids conversations that are not germane to your business’s principal activity.


Your customers will feel more secure knowing that there is a team trained and ready to assist them, transmitting confidence and seriousness via your site.

BraZip Technology has been on the market for over fifteen years, offering high quality, reliable and serious products and services.

No External Software

Using software like the now deactivated MSN and similar communicator programs results in lost productivity due to employee contact with friends and relatives during work hours.

Increase Productivity

An operator can assist several customers at the same time and still interact with other operators. Our system lets you configure it so each operator can carry out a maximum number of simultaneous support actions, thus preventing a drop in quality during support.

Routing Support Actions

The customer may select which department he or she wants to contact. Thus, your business will offer quicker support as questions will be sent directly to the sector responsible. It also lets support be transferred to other operators.


This resource facilitates and puts support requests made on your site in order if an operators is carrying out simultaneous support actions and the number customers waiting is greater than capacity. Online Support will automatically place those customers in order and send them to the operator as prior support actions are concluded.

Predefined Quick Messages

You can program automatic responses (salutations, answers, farewells, etc.) to standardize support actions and make them orderly. Since customers generally ask similar questions, predefined messages are sent more quickly than if you have to always type them out. You, thus, avoid mistakes and using abbreviations.

Online and Offline Button

This button advises visitors to your site if your support system is active (online), with operators ready to render support, or not. If your company does not offer 24 hour a day online support, this button will show that support is offline.

Your customer can leave a message that will be sent to your e-mail.

Document Storage

With mySuite, you can add documents to Help Desk Tickets, Internal Requests and Messages. The link will be safely stored for the entire life cycle of the operation.

Your documents will be stored and will remain secure behind our firewalls at our data center. They will be always be available, whenever you need them.

You will never lose track of any attachments recorded by the system.

Simplicity and Efficiency, Hand in Hand

Allow the system to manage your attachments
Simplified organization of day-to-day tasks, with reminders, delegated by co-workers themselves
Make documents available to your internal staff
Make documents available to customers and partners
Receive files from customers.

Manage online all the files and documents loaded on mySuite, and make sure they are available and distributed as your business needs.

Task Management

Delegating is a necessity, but it only works when the right task goes to the right person. In practice, the essence of delegating is far removed from simply transferring the task. It must also incorporate into the transfer the conditions for that task to be carried out.

You have probably never stopped to think about your business’s real losses associated with failures in delegating, or rather, mistakes in choosing and engaging talented candidates for those challenges.

Mistakes in delegating are, above all, a failure in resource administration and planning. Therefore, avoiding them should be a major concern for management. This is where mySuite Task Management comes in.

Simplicity and Efficiency, Hand in Hand

The scheduling of a series of appointments, meetings, events, conventions, conferences, visits to customers and suppliers, among others, can be programmed for alerts, and to repeat as needed
Simplified organization of day-to-day tasks, with reminders, delegated by co-workers themselves
Priority levels for carrying out determined activities
Control of pending matters with follow up of delegated tasks, ideal for supervisors
Registry for tasks, deadlines, creating reports
Group tasks by projects

The Task Manager makes it possible for your business to organize and manage the entire process of delegating tasks and reminders, resulting in greater efficiency and interaction by your co-workers.

Discussion Forum

The Forum was created to attend to requests from many customers. Our customers wanted a place where a task or project could be discussed by a select group of co-workers without needing to schedule meetings or even relocate in order to take part.

This resource has a space for members to interact using a series of messages and responses that also lets them attach one or more files. Authorized users can create or edit forum topics and select which users can take part in the discussion.

Provide Total Quality in Customer Support

Messages are archived and centralized in an integrated data bank
Users are instantly notified after a topic of interest has been updated
Multiple files can be attached to the topics
Keywords can be added to topics to facilitate searches
Time between messages allows for reflection on the topic
You can distribute information about the standardization of processes and procedures adopted by your company
New users have additional time to read and compose their responses, while more experienced users increase their learning and build relationships
All users involved in a topic can express their opinion
Responses to questions can be viewed and discussed by everyone
Forum discussion is less formal and, potentially, richer than face to face discussion
Procedures are transparent for everyone
The interface is web based and accessible from any computer with an internet connection
There is no need to reorganize your infrastructure
Data is stored in a highly secure data center
You do not need to worry about security flaws, worms, and other types of viruses

The Forum resources will provide your co-workers with a pleasant, productive place for discussion, debate, learning, and interaction.

Internal Requests

Designed to meet the demand for internal communications between business departments, sectors, and co-workers, the Requests module can be used for internal IT support as well as processing other information that needs to be registered, followed up on, and controlled.

With this tool, all pending internal issues can be closely followed, facilitating the control, management, and tracking of needs.

Follow and Control Pending Issues Securely

Organize internal demands for communications with management, control, and tracking of the same
History of all requests made by and for all company employees
Reports and statistic for requests
Security when accessing messages

With Internal Requests, you will have total security and organization while controlling and accompanying your business’s internal demands. You will be able to create reports and consult histories for everything.

Knowledge Base Management

Managing documents and information is extremely important.

Think about this: How much is an important piece of information that you cannot find worth?

Anyone working with documents and emails has certainly had the disagreeable experience of looking for and not finding that valuable information when you need it the most.

Many businesses lack planning and organization, which prevents their documents from being correctly stored and automatically updated. It is a delicate situation for businesses with many employees, especially if they are spread about different regions of the country.

mySuite’s knowledge base management tool lets you manage how people will interact with your up-to-date information, both from within and from outside your company. Every piece of information can be shared with your employees, customers and partners anywhere.

A High Quality and Secure Information Center

Create a knowledge base shared by your entire organization
Facilitate the inclusion of content, information indexing, and, most importantly, contextualized data search
Ease of managing content due to a simple and standardized filing structure
Increase the speed of access to information
Reduce the number of errors and problems caused by out-of-date files
You can distribute information about the standardization of processes and procedures adopted by your company
Organize the dates and times of visits by customers, commitments, meetings, conferences, conventions, events...
Easily exchange information among all parties
Data registered, organized, centralized, and securely stored

Knowledge Base Management will increase the speed, security, and organization of the flow of information and knowledge in your business, providing greater efficiency for your co-workers and satisfaction for your customers.

Internal Communicator / Instant Messenger

Our internal communicator is an instant message chat that allows co-workers to communicate in real time via the internet.

Communications among members of a work team is a basic management tool. It creates networks and helps information flow in a clear and direct way, which promotes even better results.

In this day and age, everyone needs to evaluate whether a company’s means of communication is efficient and if it helps transmit that company’s business goals to co-workers.

Instant Conversations without Losing Productivity

Exchange instant messages and create group chats with co-workers, customers, headquarters, and affiliates for real time conversations wherever they are
Eliminate popular tools like MSN and Google Talk that negatively affect productivity
The Internal Communicator reduces possible infections from viruses, worms, and other threats, as it is a private, in-company communicator, free from external attack.
Reduce costs arising from telephone service and maintaining equipment used for that end

With the Internal Communicator, your business will have a channel for the real time exchange of messages between co-workers, customers, headquarters and affiliates in any part of the world at any time.

Collaboration with No Productivity Loss

With the internal Communicator, co-workers increase professional contact with one another in real time, without needing to move about. You can communicate with employees at your headquarters or at affiliated locations, with those traveling abroad, or with those at your suppliers. In addition, it can generate a permanent history of conversations among co-workers that can be consulted.

Popular communicators like MSN, ICQ, and Google Talk are not professional tools. They increase the loss of user productivity because of communications that are not germane to your business environment

Constant Contact

Contact among co-workers is continuous. Even those who are at your supplier, with a customer, or even taking care of business abroad can access your business's Internal Communicator to resolve corporate issues at a distance.

Home Office

The Home Office has become an attractive option, principally for small businesses and micro-enterprises, as it represents a considerable reduction in expenses.

Its expansion has changed the business context and employment profile, with the outsourcing of services generated by new business models arising from globalization of the economy.

The Internal Communicator is a perfect tool for businessmen and entrepreneurs who use a home office, as it allows their businesses’ employees to maintain constant contact, even from a distance, without the high cost of telephone calls.

Group Chat

Create group chats to communicate with several people from your business at the same time, for as long as you need, anywhere on the planet. You will have a history of everything that was discussed.

The Right Tool for Communications

Using a program specifically designed for internal communications instead of public communicators eliminates conversations that are not germane to your business's principal activities.

Today, many businesses use programs like the recently deactivated MSN for communications, thus leading to a loss of productivity from employee interaction with friends and relatives. Our chat resource has the same works like MSN, but it works on your business's private network.

Cost Reduction

With your company's co-workers using an instant communications system, there will be no need for constant telephone contact, thus creating a great reduction in costs from telephone service.

Group Chats

Urgent issues may demand many people to get a solution in place. That's where real time s into play and connect everyone needed in one single place.

With mySuite’s Group Chat feature, there will be no phone fees or multi-window showdowns on your screen while trying to gather solutions. This feature can bring co-workers together in a single-window chat, no matter where they are.

Provide Total Quality in Customer Support

Participate in real-time with your co-workers in a private space
Maintain a history of all conversations
Quickly and agilely solve problems
Reduce the distance between your headquarters and affiliates

Promote virtual encounters in real-time between your co-workers, wherever they are.


Generating reports facilitates the control of support actions by operator, department, and customer, among others.

These reports will help your business accompany each support team member’s performance closely, make new hires, move personnel, and make departments larger, if needed.

Provide Total Quality in Customer Support

View evaluations of support activities rendered
Have a holistic view of your business
Control support time and response time for calls
Consult histories and generate reports for your customers
View graphics for performance and peaks in support
Consult quantitative data and statistics per sector

There are over 120 types of ready-made management level reports, as well as the possibility of adding customized ones.

Help Desk

The Help Desk’s objective is to organize the exchange of messages between a business and its customers, partners, and suppliers. It is a communication tool that functions 24 hours a day. Even if no one is online to respond to messages, your customers can create a ticket at any time and wait for your answer.

With Help Desk, your business automatically stores support actions for all customers, all topics, at all times, in a history, that lets you organize everything.

Your business will improve customer contact, reduce costs from telephone calls, standardize communications, and increase co-worker productivity.

Augment your business’s direct channels of communication
Improve communications with customers
Eliminate information loss from emails
Receive a confirmation with the exact time that a message has been read
Reduce spam
Organize and control the flow of messages received by your business
Follow support personnel productivity
Give all your costumers technical support

mySuite's Help Desk is a resource that provides your business with a communication tool available 24 hours a day, even when no one is online to answer messages.


Help Desk was developed to operate with the speed and agility your business needs. Tickets are sent directly to sectors responsible, without middlemen, which reduces response time for your customer.

Costumer security

Your customer can open a ticket using Help Desk by using the automatic identification at login using a unique password. This keeps third parties from accessing information exchanged with your business.


Attractive due to its ease of use and pleasant appearance, thus reducing the like hood that customers will resist using it.


Ypur organization and professionalism will satisfy your customer. At all times, users have the convenience of beign able to accompany the resolution of thei tickets via the web and can receive email messages confirming actions by your business.


Brazip Technology has been offering high quality products and services for over ten years. We have a unique staff, trained and ready to help you, that radiates confidence and seriousness, including after you purchase our product

Cost x Benefit

Help Desk was designed to give support to any size company, which is why its price is acessible to even small businesses and micro-enterprises.

Reports and Statistics

Reports and statisticcs reports show your business's productivity by operator, category, or department. Analysis can be done for a specific period to verify the seasonality of sales or to evaluate employees' performance and to determine human resource needs.

By surveying data you can identify problems and how often they occur, including operator or system downtime. Thus, your business's statistical information can be measured and studied in order to take preventative and corrective actions in all areas.


Each ticket has a unique identification number so any operator can follow up with immediate support, as tat operator will have full acess to both the tickets and the customers histories.

In addition, as tickets are stores and ordered, you can search via keywords, transfer support to other operators or other departments, and add a solution to the knowledge base (Knowledge Base Management).


Interactions with your business are recorded and can be accessed at anytime to consult and confirm important information.

Your solution is hosted at a data center in the USA to provide your data base with greater security through your monthly subscription.

Furthermore, Brazip Tecnology uses a variety of procedures for physical and electronic security to protect your information from loss and unauthorized access.

Complete History

With Help Desk, all contacts made (questions, answers, registrations, support requests...) are stored ina history, making it possible to acess all past support actions for specific customers in just a few clicks of the mouse.

At any time, users themselves can lookup and see all of their past interactions.